Stop Smoking


The last session of Hypnotherapy for Stop Smoking that I did resulted in my client quitting a 30 year, 20 a day habit instantly and without looking back. Interestingly she said that a lot of the smoking treatments asked her to focus on the changes in her health – her clearer throat, deeper breathing, decreased heart beat etc… She actually told me she didn’t really notice these changes. She also said that she didn’t really notice much craving either. She said it was like someone had clicked a switch in her head and smoking just really wasn’t something she wanted to do. She couldn’t believe this change in her brain… She just wasn’t interested in smoking. She didn’t notice any big changes negative or positive – she just got on with her life as a non-smoker and didn’t look back. Now, a few months later, she looks back with befuddlement that it took her so long to break the habit. For thirty years it robbed her of her health and finances and yet the solution was so simple… *

The relationship that people have with cigarettes seems to be one of the most complex love / hate relationships that an individual can have. A smoker will be on an endless cycle of guilt, stress, binging, avoidance, craving, hedonism and self-loathing. Smokers want to give up but the moment they do, cravings charge towards them like an army convincing them to have one last drag which quickly moves on to a packet then back to a lifelong habit.

Stop Smoking

The complexity of this habit is an illusion, however. Why would our body naturally want to encourage us to take in a chemical combo of Ammonia, Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde, Pesticide and Arsenic? Furthermore, what kind of chemical craving would we be able to ‘turn off’ when we went to bed at night or sat for two hours in a cinema or four hours on a plane? It isn’t a ‘smart’ chemical, right?

Clearly we have been sold a story about how smoking addiction works.

The key to giving up smoking is quite simple. If your will to quit is stronger than your desire to smoke then you will succeed. Hypnotherapy can swing the odds back in your favour and often smokers report that they gave up lifelong habits with hardly any craving at all.

Whatever your reason for giving up, if the time is now please get in touch. Work is completed in one 1.5 to 2 hour session and includes a free relaxation CD.

Total Cost now only £150






*Disclaimer: Please be advised that there is no guarantee of specific results and that results can vary from person to person