10 Amazing reasons why Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help with Anxiety.

If you are suffering from anxiety, stress or depression, the range of therapeutic interventions can be quite mindboggling. From CBT to counselling to Mindfulness, the therapy world is strewn with a myriad of different options.

Many people choose hypnotherapy because it has stood the test of time and that decades of success can vouch for its effectiveness. Now, however, the world of hypnotherapy is splintering even more and one options is a fairly new but highly effective hypnotherapy that is gaining traction. The results that solution focused hypnotherapy are achieving are staggering and here are ten reasons why…

It focuses on the future, not the past

Many people come to a therapist wanting to change their future and not dwell on the reasons why they became anxious in the first place. In fact, Solution Focused Therapists believe that a constant focus on the problem actually reinforces the anxiety that you are trying to banish. A Solution Focused Hypnotherapist doesn’t look at where you are now and how you got there… Instead we look at where you are now and where you want to get to… In this way it is a 100% positive, solution focused and stress free experience.

It measure results

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is one of the few therapies that is daring to measure results on a uniquely developed system. Individual therapists will do this every time they see you so we can collectively average the results we get as a group of therapists nationally. I currently see over 100% improvement in anxiety (true as of date of publish) in just 8 sessions. Incredible progress from my clients and a statistic backed up by facts not obtainable by a lot of other therapies.

It makes you the expert

hypnotherapyIn many therapies, the role of the therapist is to help solve the problem and the therapist has a range of tools to do this. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy puts the client clearly in the driving seat. We work on the premise that ‘you are the expert of you!’ It is your brain that you are in charge of. The unique solution that you have, however, to solve the issue is sometimes hidden behind the clamour and clutter of everyday life. We help focus you on finding the solution that you think will best help you….and this is much more empowering!

It is a smorgasbord of the best

Solution focused hypnotherapy takes the best of what is out there already. It takes the best of traditional hypnotherapy, of CBT, of Psychotherapy, NLP and mindfulness to make one of the most powerful therapies available today. Solution Focused therapists work hard to understand the different approaches which allows them to make the therapeutic approach bespoke to the client suffering with anxiety.

It is incredibly relaxing

For many people, going to a counsellor or a cognitive behavioural specialist is daunting. Why? Because the expectation is for the client to vocalise their inner demons. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy allows the client to work on hitting targets in a trance like state using metaphor, stories and deeply relaxing hypnotic technique. Such a calm and relaxed way of dealing with anxiety!

It is brain-based

The history of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is based in science not magic. The system was developed by looking at how your brain naturally works, how anxiety is processed and mimics the pathways used by your brain to course correct. Time is taken to explain the science behind it to every client so that they understand exactly how the process is working. There is no leap of faith required – this is pure neuroscience!

Results happen quickly

Maybe it is because we are solution focused, maybe it is because we mimic the existing functions of the brain or maybe it is because we are so very passionate about what we do. Whatever the reason, change tends to happen incredibly fast and immediately from the first free initial consultation.

Everyone can do it

A lot of people have a predisposed opinion of whether they can or cannot be hypnotised. The level of trance they are talking about is so deep that only 2-3% of the population can achieve it. In Solution Focused Hypnotherapy the deep, relaxing trance is like a vivid daydream – a voyage of the imagination. As everyone has the ability to daydream, we all have the ability to make change using hypnosis.

It regulates sleep

HypnotherapyAs well as the amazing applications to reduce anxiety, Solution Focused Hypnotherapists understand the relationship between levels of sleep and anxious behaviour. One of the great benefits of our approach is that clients often get much better sleeping patterns as a result… and a rejuvenated person is less likely to suffer from anxiety.

The results are long-lasting

The investment you make in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is an investment in your future. Change happens at such a deep cognitive level that the results can change behaviours, thought processes and patterns of anxieties completely and permanently.

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