About Paul

My name is Paul Milham and I am a practising Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist based in Crawley and South East London

In my varied career I have worked in some of the most stressful and pressure rich environments from teaching in Secondary Schools to writing in Television. Although both amazing jobs these, often tricky, environments can take their toll on people and can damage our bodies and our minds.


I have noted that whilst society has focused on our physical health and encouraged people to take ten thousand steps per day on their fitbits we are only just starting to recognise that we need to apply a similar philosophy towards our mental fitness. Every part of our bodies is wired to the next. When we are stress free our posture is good, our digestion efficient, our heart rate controlled and our mind sharp as a computer. But a body in the grip of stress can be as toxic as a body surviving on fast food and sugar.

I found a great solution to this in Hypnotherapy. I first trained out of curiosity and to demystify a brain based therapy that seemed to be magic. Of course it isn’t magic, it is neuroscience and biology and a method of relaxing intrusive thought patterns and trouble making parts of the brain so it can focus on repair and fitness.


For me it was truly remarkable. I noticed change quickly… change in my outlook, change in my sleep patterns and change in my energy levels. The applications for hypnotherapy are almost limitless and the results I have seen have made me love it and feel privileged to meet the range of brave people that I work with.

Thank you for visiting my website and do contact me for a free consultation to look at the ways in which hypnotherapy could help you also.

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