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Who am I?

Paul Milham

(BA Hons, HPD, DSFH)

Paul has worked in some of the most stressful and pressure-rich environments in his varied career, from teaching in Secondary Schools to writing in Television. Although he enjoyed great success and challenge in these jobs, he began to notice the related stress took its toll on himself and his colleagues. He learned that a lack of harmony in the body could damage mental and physical wellbeing.

While society has focused on physical health and encouraged people to take ten thousand steps per day on their step trackers, we are only just starting to recognise that we need to apply a similar philosophy towards our mental fitness. Every part of our bodies is wired to the next. When we are stress-free, our posture is good, our digestion efficient, our heart rate is controlled and our minds are as sharp as a computer. But a body in the grip of stress can be as toxic as a body surviving on fast food and sugar.

Paul found a great solution to this in hypnotherapy. He first trained out of curiosity and to demystify a brain-based therapy that seemed to be magic.

Of course, it isn’t magic; it is neuroscience and biology and a method of relaxing intrusive thought patterns and trouble-making parts of the brain to focus on repair and fitness.

In his journey, Paul has seen transformations in himself that he found to be truly remarkable. He noticed change quickly… change in his outlook, change in his sleep patterns and change in his energy levels. The applications of hypnotherapy are almost limitless, and the results Paul has seen in his clinics have made him love and value his profession. He feels privileged to meet the range of brave people that he works with.

What I Do?

About Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis could be described as an ideal state of learning for the brain. It replicates a very powerful and transformative sleep stage called REM when the brain is relaxed, calm and more suggestible.

This does not mean that clients are under the spell of a hypnotherapist, in fact, quite the opposite is true. Clients are often well attuned to a hypnotherapist’s words but can reduce other noises and traffic in their brains to let their minds focus on solutions at both a conscious and subconscious level. While some therapies have been and gone, hypnotherapy has remained popular for many years.

This new incarnation of solution-focused hypnotherapy takes this durable therapy and applies modern neuroscience to give us a fundamental understanding of why it works. Solution-focused hypnotherapists are well versed in neuroscience and constantly strive to use current research in brain activity to inform their work.

Using a sophisticated CORP system (CPHT Outcomes and Research Programme), Solution-focused hypnotherapists measure progress. Clients are scored in areas such as perceived confidence, happiness and achievement. Results help clients to see their progress while informing the therapist’s practice. In the first five sessions with Paul, his clients show demonstrable positive change.

Further to this evidence-based approach, Paul offers a free initial consultation. He understands that clients may not know or understand how hypnotherapy works. This session gives them the chance to find out more, discuss their goals, and learn the science behind this fascinating therapy without the obligation to commit to further sessions.

Corporate and Public Speaking

Paul offers a range of staff training and public speaking in areas of stress management and performance mindset including:

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