Hypnotherapy for changing habits

When we are tense, under pressure, or exhausted, our stressed brains will look for solutions that boost energy. Often, the stressed brains’ solutions are pleasurable in the short term but can create long-term habits and addictions. These could include addictions to alcohol, gambling, sex, sugar, fast food, drugs, video games, shopping or technology… to name a few. These habits can impact physical health and wellbeing, relationships, job security and self-confidence.

In solution-focused hypnotherapy, we aim to reduce the ‘pull’ of these habits by encouraging the client to find solutions in more ‘intellectual’ regions of their brain. This can create steady and sustainable happiness instead of the ‘fix’ offered by the source of the addiction.

“Paul is an amazing guy. He puts you at ease from the start and listens to you. I wanted to stop drinking fizzy drinks and I did drink a lot of them every day. So far, 4 weeks in and I haven’t drunk one nor do I want to drink one. Sleep is now a top priority in my life and since it has improved other things in my life have fallen into place. Many people are unsure about hypnosis and what I would say is ” go and chat to Paul as the first session is free. Highly recommend Paul .”


The bad habit template is generally held in a primitive part of your brain. This template acts as a ‘go-to’ when triggered, generally by negative emotion. I look to reduce the trigger emotion, find an alternative ‘go to,’ and move you away from the brain region that would encourage this destructive behaviour.

We look to complete stop smoking work in one two-hour session. With all other habits, please book in for an initial consultation. Although I tend to work quickly, the information given in this session will help me to form a better idea of the time frame

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