Anger Management

Hypnotherapy for anger management

It can be a very isolating experience to struggle with anger management. Although anger often originates from the same region of the brain as anxiety and depression, the people around you can be less sympathetic due to the externalised and, often, explosive nature of this mindset. The angry person may also experience guilt or shame following an outburst and physical effects such as sweating, muscle tenseness, headaches and a churning stomach. Hypnotherapy is a very positive and soothing way of dealing with anger. It helps clients to process negative feelings while relaxing the body and the mind. While in this state of consciousness, we can access the more intellectual regions of our minds, helping us find more positive and calm solutions to the stresses we are encountering.


We all feel angry sometimes; in many ways, anger emanates from the same brain region as anxiety. Unlike anxiety, however, anger can be more difficult for friends and family to support you with as it can often affect others as well as yourself. Hypnotherapy is calming and relaxing and provides tools to reduce anger and find other ways of dealing with stress.

Don’t worry. In solution-focused hypnotherapy, we see far more value in discussing the future, who you want to be, and what life would be like if you weren’t as stressed. So this therapy is about moving on.

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