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Hypnotherapy for anxiety

Studies estimate that in an average of 12 months, there are over 5 million reported cases of anxiety in the UK.


Hypnotherapy for depression

Recent studies have shown that in 2014, 20% of the population are struggling with symptoms of anxiety and depression.


Hypnotherapy for anger management

It can be a very isolating experience to struggle with anger management. Although anger often originates from the same


Hypnotherapy for weight loss

In 2014 the World Health Organisation reported that 28% of adults in the United Kingdom were recognised as clinically obese


Hypnotherapy for confidence

Whether you need to perform at work, feel more relaxed in social settings, or silence that voice in the back of your head that makes


Stop smoking

Are you ready to quit the habit? Are the years of smoking starting to take their toll? Is the financial cost stopping you from doing


Professional Goals

Modern workplaces can be demanding and produce a range of challenges for workers, especially those looking to


Sports Performance

Ever wanted to be the best you can be in sports? From golf stars such as Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus to boxers such as Kevin


Hypnotherapy for phobia

Fears and phobias can range in intensity and type. Some, such as heights or enclosed spaces, can be common while others can be rare and,

Sleep, insomnia, night.

Hypnotherapy for insomnia

Insomnia can be a complex and debilitating condition that can infiltrate many areas of your life and wellbeing. The symptoms can range



When we are tense, under pressure, or exhausted, our stressed brains will look for solutions that boost energy. Often, the stressed

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Work Related Stress

The impact of stress on our bodies and mind can snowball very quickly and can lead to long term sickness or severe effects on mental health

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