7 Things all Sportsmen and Sportswomen should know about Hypnotherapy

Ever wanted to be the best you can be in sports? From golf stars such as Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus to boxers such as Kevin McBride, the top sport performers know the benefits of hypnotherapy in helping them achieve greatness. Here are 7 amazing reasons as to why hypnotherapy can be so beneficial whatever […]

Help with confidence

For me, confidence is the key to success in life. When we are confident, we can achieve anything; from losing the excess weight, to conquering addictions or achieving sporting excellence. One of the fundamental lessons that all my clients learn in my sessions is how to master self-confidence. How can we become healthy if we […]

New Year Neuroscience

A recent study by Strava (the social network for athletes) concluded that most people begin to struggle with their New Year’s resolutions on January 12th and ‘give up’ by January 17th. According U.S. News & World report, the rate of failure for New Year’s resolutions is around 80%. It might be that you are struggling to keep […]

The wider benefits of positive thinking

The brain is not only one of the most complex organs in our bodies, it is probably one of the most complex creations in the whole universe. It is unlikely that we know 10% of the complexities and capabilities of this organ that we all have and that is in our continuous use, even when […]

Where are the Mind Gyms?

So are we a more healthier nation than we were 70 years ago? The 1950s were certainly full of unhealthy habits and messages. We all cooked our bacon, chips and arteries in lard whilst our Doctor’s took part in advertising the glorious health benefits of smoking 20-a-day. We consumed an unvaried diet of meat and […]

Online hypnotherapy – A guide

Hypnotherapy was a model of therapy that was working online before the Covid 19 crisis. With longer time spent in lockdown, anxiety and stress levels can increase, and the need to stop smoking can be more intense. Many are finding the experience of online hypnotherapy to be extremely valuable. Online also offers some unique advantages […]

The myths around Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can be a very effective way to deal with a number of concerns. Whether you are looking to manage feelings of anxiety, anger or depression or have a habit, obsession or addiction as a result, hypnotherapy can be a very positive and powerful way of moving forward. Some people look to hypnotherapy to increase […]

Why Hypnotherapy is becoming so popular?

When we think of hypnotism, a lot of people will conjure up the image of the mysterious, suited magician who casts a spell over his victims making them chow down on an onion like it was an apple or dance like a chicken. People define themselves as either a ‘believer’ or a ‘non-believer’ as if […]

How does Hypnotherapy work?

If you are looking for help to manage anxiety or depression, to conquer a phobia or addiction or to improve your business or sports performance, you may be surprised to know how effective hypnotherapy can be as a solution. Most people’s first point of reference for hypnotherapy may be a stage hypnotist; a dark and […]

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