What to expect from a Hypnotherapy session

The first visit to a hypnotherapist can be a daunting affair. You may already be suffering from an anxiety related condition and this unknown element can sometimes add to your stress but there is really nothing to fear. Often, a client’s only point of reference for hypnotherapy is its close cousin of ‘Stage Hypnotherapy.’ This […]

How the Coronavirus Pandemic is Changing the Way We Live

COVID-19 has had far-reaching effects on people and their well-being around the world, changing our lives in several ways. But not all these changes are bad! The pandemic created numerous temporary and long-term challenges that have encouraged people to adopt new behaviours and habits—many of which have benefits for our physical health, mental well-being, and […]

Sleep, Hypnotherapy and REM

In hypnotherapy, one of the most engaging systems, processes and phenomena in the human brain is REM (or Rapid Eye Movement). This is the stage of sleep where we dream and process information. Similar to this and, also running concurrently, is another stage called NREM. NREM is a very similar sleep process; although it tends […]

Sleep hypnotherapy

When people think of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, they tend to think of stage hypnosis, of people dancing like a chicken or lapsing into a different dimension at the click of a finger. In reality, clinical hypnotherapy is much different. It can be surprising to realise that clinical hypnotherapy is quite a scientific process. In many […]

Hypnotherapy for fear of flying

A fear of flying is surprisingly common and very challenging. Whilst our intellectual minds may tell us that there is nothing to fear, our primitive minds can go on thinking the worst. Many will point out that we are a lot more unsafe in a car… That a driver of a car only has to […]

What’s Really Causing Your Anxiety & How Hypnotherapy Can Solve It.

Anxiety has a habit of engulfing us. Unlike the nagging pain of a headache or cut, anxiety paralyzes us to our very core. Naturally, we want rid of it. Whatever stops you from performing daily tasks or being your authentic self should be thrown off. Why is anxiety so prevalent? Anxiety on a global scale […]

Hypnosis for depression

I wanted to share a story with you about one of my clients. I often use this story in my clinic to impress upon people how powerful hypnotherapy can be. Please be assured I have sought the client’s permission to publish this story as anything discussed in the clinic is always confidential. This is such […]

How to deal with a panic attack

Anxiety is something that we all experience at various points in our life. Although it is an uncomfortable and, for some, terrifying experience, anxiety actually has an essential function – to keep us safe. 12th July 2020 by Paul Milham Years ago, when we were primitive men and women, our brains’ primary function was to […]

Stress, Anxiety and Cortisol

Are you feeling stressed? Feelings of burnout, anxiety, stress and depression can be scientifically monitored by the amount of various hormones present in the brain. Understanding how these stress hormones (in this case ‘cortisol’) contribute to these feelings can be the first step in empowering clients to better manage their stress levels and wellbeing. What […]

A Portrait of Anxiety

For anyone is suffering from Anxiety, Panic disorders, Depression or any of the associated consequences, I wanted to share the following diary from one of my clients, Chris. Chris has just revealed to me that he kept a blog about his experiences of anxiety and hypnotherapy which he has agreed that I can share on […]

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