Bespoke relaxation track

The relaxation track, which my clients use to support the work we do in the clinic, is a vital part of my treatment. It helps to hardwire key messages, improve sleep, promote confidence and minimise stress. I am now offering you the opportunity to have a unique and bespoke relaxation track made for you or as a gift for someone you love.

Each track is lovingly crafted with using information on particular goals and challenges. Upon booking, I will have a 20-minute online consultation to help me gather knowledge and detail for your relaxation track. Using strong hypnotherapeutic narratives, I will craft this into your very own downloadable MP3. Each track will be 35 minutes long and can be used to relax during the day or as a sleep aid.

Here are my current available packages.

Virtual Vacation

Are you feeling stuck inside and craving a return to that holiday that you had when you felt so relaxed? Whether on a tropical beach or the top of a mountain, this track will recreate those feelings by taking your mind back there – even if your body can’t.

Cost £55



My Goals

Whether you want to lose weight or encourage yourself to clear the garden, let this relaxation track hardwire that motivation while relaxing. This track can help promote these messages at a deep, subconscious level using the details of your personal barriers and incentives.

Cost £55



My own relaxation

Everyone relaxes differently. Maybe you use sounds, sights, memories, feelings… the smell fresh flowers blowing in through the open window, this track takes all of those details and crafts a beautiful session that can relax you from top to toe.

Cost £55



If you want to purchase any of these bespoke tracks, please contact me via my contacts page here

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