Bounce Back Stronger – Mindset Seminars

Is your company suffering from stress and uncertainty after the coronavirus lock-down? Do you have staff battling with the emotional implications of changing work conditions? Are you a worker who wants to re-ignite a positive and resilient workplace again?

In order to reach out to my community and the businesses that need a boost, I am offering a FREE seminar/webinar entitled ‘Moving forward from lockdown. I can do this inhouse (Sussex / Surrey / Kent) or via zoom (All locations).
This event encourages gives employees vital and valuable tools to help them deal with transition, process stress and move forward with a happy and coping mindset. I am using the latest in neuroscience research to bring this learning to your business.
Places are limited and take-up is already strong. If you are interested, please contact me for more info

Get in Touch 07780 843817