COVID 19 News

February 2020

I am currently working online and in clinic. I am only able to open for a minimal face to face appointments for clients who have no other option or cannot make progress online. Please use my online service where possible.

Hypnotherapy works as well online as it does face to face so do give it a try if you feel you need support, help or still have goals that you would like to hit.

Opening Hours:

Saturday: All day – online

Monday: All day – online

Wednesday: All day – online

Thursday: All day – online

Friday: Crawley clinic open for face to face.

For a guide to how online works – please click here…


Procedures and Changes to Hypnotherapy during the COVID 19 pandemic


At Paul Milham hypnotherapy and Head2Toe Physio, we have been extremely thorough in ensuring that our environment is as safe as possible during the COVID 19 outbreak. We have strictly adhered to the government guidelines. These include:


  • Installing hand sanitiser units on both floors.
  • Currently restricting the use of the communal reception area.
  • Controlling the flow of clients by having staggered appointment times.
  • Leaving gaps between each client to thoroughly disinfect clinic areas.
  • Removing any unnecessary soft furnishings/marketing materials from the clinic.
  • Screening all clients before they use our facility.


Procedures for all clients coming for appointments at Paul Milham Hypnotherapy, Crawley


  • All clients must use hand gel when entering and leaving – there is a unit by the entrance. Hand washing is encouraged, and there is a sink within my clinic.
  • Please be aware that for face to face therapy to be able to operate, we must remain 2 metres apart at all times. My therapy room is plenty big enough to incorporate this distance without interfering with the effectiveness of therapy.
  • As our reception area remains closed, please let me know via text when you have arrived and wait in the car park area for me to come and collect you.
  • Please do not come to the clinic should you be experiencing any COVID symptoms. These are a persistent dry cough, fever, or loss of smell and/or taste.




Please note the following amendment to my confidentiality agreement:

All sessions will be conducted in the strictest of confidence and this will be maintained and applied to all records, in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary for me to breach confidentiality by talking to someone, for instance, where you reveal something that leads me to believe you may be an imminent danger to others or yourself, including breaches of the Children’s Act or Terrorism Act. In exceptional circumstances, a therapist can also be compelled by a court of law to give evidence. Additionally, in accordance with NCH (National council of hypnotherapists) guidelines, all my practice is supervised, and I may share some of the contents of your sessions with my supervisor.

As of June 2020, and the re-establishment of my business in Head2Toe Physio, should an outbreak of Covid19 occur that is traced to our clinic, I am required to offer the contact details of all clients I see to the government’s track and trace system. But coming to see me, you agree to your contact details being shared in this way in these circumstances.

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