Hypnotherapy for depression

Recent studies have shown that in 2014, 20% of the population are struggling with symptoms of anxiety and depression. Depression is more than ‘feeling sad’ as the constant flow of stress chemicals in our bodies can affect us physically as well as emotionally. The symptoms of depression can include tiredness, irritability, changes in eating habits, sleep disorders, memory loss and a general lack of interest in the things we used to enjoy. Hypnotherapy helps create new, positive neural pathways, helping process negative thoughts through REM and reframing situations in a clients’ mind. This helps them to move on to a new, positive future.


In short, hypnotherapy is very feel-good. When you are suffering from a low mood, it is often challenging to see anything in life that is going well. We can literally train our brains to see things negatively. Solution-focused hypnotherapy is very positive and forward-looking. We don’t spend time going over your problems in the clinic; we focus on what life would be without these feelings. This upbeat method is often a pleasant surprise to people who have spent so long in the company of their problems that they have forgotten to see the joy.

I offer a free initial consultation. This is a chance for you to learn a little more about how hypnosis works, get to know me and see if it is a route you want to take. There is no obligation to work with me –see it as a chance to learn more.

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