Fears and Phobias

Hypnotherapy for phobia

Fears and phobias can range in intensity and type. Some, such as heights or enclosed spaces, can be common while others can be rare and, in some cases, seem bizarre even to the sufferer. Some people can manage phobias by avoiding the stimulus, but the impact can be considerable for others. Many people get to the point where they cannot manage anymore, and this is where hypnotherapy can be of enormous benefit. The treatment of phobias using hypnotherapy can be highly effective and pleasant. The type of hypnotherapy we practice aims for a long-term solution in as short a time as possible. We use cutting-edge techniques and the latest neuroscience to ensure that lessening the impact of a phobia is pleasant and empowering.


It is important that you take advantage of the free initial consultation. I will ask you some questions about your fear or phobia and the circumstances in which it started to help me ascertain the right way to tackle it. Some phobias can take three sessions, while others can take longer.

Again, this depends on the nature of the fear or phobia. Some techniques include creating new, positive behaviour templates around the stimulus. Some look at removing the emotion from a previous traumatic event that your brain may be using as a blueprint for present behaviour. Often we have to reduce anxiety both around the problem stimulus and the wider stresses of everyday life.

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