Fears and Phobias

Fears and phobias can range in intensity and type. Some, such as heights or enclosed spaces, can be common whilst others can be rare and, in some cases, bizarre. Some people can manage phobias by avoiding the stimulus but for some, the impact can be considerable. Some people get to the point where they just cannot manage anymore and this is where hypnotherapy can be of huge benefit.

The treatment of phobias using hypnotherapy is both highly effective and pleasant. The type of hypnotherapy I do also looks towards a long term solution in as short a treatment time and uses cutting edge techniques… simple, traditional association techniques can sometimes see the problem re-occur.

The root causes of phobias will be explained in a FREE no obligation initial consultation. Here you will also receive a FREE RELAXATION CD and I will work out a bespoke treatment plan with you. So if you are ready to free yourself of a crushing, irrational phobia then please get in touch.

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