Free webinar – For parents of Teenagers

Home-schooling and teenage stress

When: Tuesday 12th May 2020 at 8pm – 9pm

Cost: FREE

For: Parents of teenagers


Many parents are finding the stresses of home-schooling challenging. They are finding it impossible to motivate and stimulate their teenagers. On top of that, the anxieties of young people are heightened, they exist in their primitive minds. They are more likely to be accessing their flight, fight and freeze responses. Understanding a little of how the brain operates and how best to motivate them could turn things around.


I am a qualified hypnotherapist with over 2000 hours of experience helping people manage stress. I have clinics in both Crawley and London (at least, I usually do). I have also had over a decade’s worth of educational experience, having been a teacher of Media Studies, a department lead and a Head of Year.


I have created this webinar to help support parents trying to juggle the above goals. Completely free and hopefully an opportunity to build a little community.


In this webinar, I will be discussing:


  • How the brain works and how to get teenagers into their intellectual minds (increasing motivation and positivity, decreasing stress and anxiety).
  • How schools will cope with managing the catch-up post lockdown.
  •  The shared ideas of participants

If you would like to take part, please email me at or use the ‘Contact Me’ form and I will send you a zoom invite.

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