Happy Stoptober

This has been by far my best Stoptober to date. I have had to open my Crawley clinic an extra three Sundays to manage the demand for smoking cessation therapy. Well done to all the now non-smokers who committed and broke the habit. The health benefits are very obvious but you are also about to find a sense of freedom that you haven’t had for years. You are no longer a slave to the habit and are going to find out so much about yourself now that you no longer hide behind a puff of smoke. Hypnotherapy seems to be able to help both the ‘sixty-a-dayers’ and the ‘causal weekenders.’ It truly is a remarkable process.

For those of you still on the fence or, for whom cold turkey is just too painful, there is still time left. And if you need any more convincing just imagine this…

The short term effects of giving up happen within hours. Your blood pressure returns to normal, nerve endings regrow and the carbon monoxide levels in your body return to normal.  Within weeks your smell and taste return and breathing can increase by up to one third. Coughs go, gravely voices soften and your energy returns.

Within two to five years you’re really gaining momentum. Excess risk of heart disease is halved as is the lung cancer death rate for the average non -smoker.

Depending on the severity of your habit, you can be a fit and healthy as a non-smoker in ten to fifteen years. If you are middle aged that means you can look forward to a happy and healthy old age…

No more ageing of skin… No stinking clothes, more money, more vitality, no guilt… No formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, ammonia, nicotine… happier relatives… better mental health… Man – the person who invented smoking must have been a real villain!

Keep on trying and happy Stoptober.

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