Hypnotherapy for insomnia

Insomnia can be a complex and debilitating condition that can infiltrate many areas of your life and wellbeing. The symptoms can range from waking up during the night or the early hours of the morning to not getting to sleep at all. Scientists are now starting to understand the considerable impact that a lack of sleep can have on our health. It can create low mood, anxiety, depression, irritability and a myriad of physical health concerns. The poor regulation of sleep can lead to weight gain, addiction formation and poor digestion, and these symptoms can worsen over time. There does not seem to be one system in our body that is not improved by a good night’s sleep. Many neurologists claim that sleep is as vital to our physical and mental health as diet and exercise.

Hypnotherapy can be a potent tool in supporting better sleep. Trance has close links with the REM stage of sleep and provides some of the rejuvenating benefits that the client loses through lack of successful downtime. This intervention can help regulate the sleep system and restore positive patterns of sleep.

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Many clients I see with insomnia have, what we call, a ‘full stress bucket.’ This means that the REM stage of sleep is affected in some way, and the overactive mind finds the sleep stages difficult to manage. This can result in problems falling asleep, waking up during the night, waking up before the alarm, or feeling exhausted after sleeping for too long. 

Hypnotherapy provides more REM helping to regulate the sleep system. It can also help to turn off the ‘high alert’ systems of our brains that stop us from successfully navigating the different stages of sleep. In the initial consultation, you will be given access to a free hypnotherapy download specifically designed to support healthy sleep.

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