For all therapies, apart from Stop Smoking Therapy, I offer a free one hour consultation in which:

  • We will discuss your needs and expectations of hypnotherapy
  • I will explain how the brain works in relation to your condition /needs
  • I will measure your current stress levels and perceived emotional wellbeing in order to measure progress over the coming weeks
  • I will give you access to a free hypnotherapy recording to be used in between sessions
  • I will give an estimate of the number of sessions that may be required to help support a change

Moving forward you could expect to see me once a week to work together using hypnotic techniques.

For Stop Smoking therapy I offer a single two hour session (no more are needed) in which:

  • We will discuss your smoking habit
  • I will explain how the brain works in relation to smoking
  • We look at some of the myths about smoking and how we are encouraged to keep lighting up cigarettes
  • We will look at how the body will change after stopping smoking
  • We will use hypnotherapy in order to support you in finally kicking the habit.


Initial Consultation – FREE

Hourly Rate              – £65 

Stop Smoking           – £170 (one off fee)



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