Having worked as both a teacher and hypnotherapist, I am passionate about the nation’s mental well-being and promoting the old fashioned values of communication, positivity and creativity.

I am pleased to now begin to channel all of my understanding of both neuroscience and education into a new range of products. Each of these products is lovingly constructed with these three core aims in mind:

  • To create a positive, solution focused mind-set.
  • To resurrect the old fashioned values of resilience, creativity and communication.
  • To celebrate the value of real time communication with family and friends

A Positive Start

15 minute daily exercises to start the day with positivity and power (11 – 15 year olds)

The modern world, full of social media, educational pressure, rolling news and social issues, can be very daunting for young people. The rise in mental health and anxiety is a product of these problems.

But how can you promote a positive mental attitude in your child on a daily basis?

Written by a secondary school teacher and experienced hypnotherapist,A Positive Start’ is a series of 20 bitesize activities aimed at 11 – 15 years old to:

  • Help them understand the science of stress and anxiety to empower them to take back control.
  • Positively start the day with a clear, inspirational activity that focuses their newly learned confidence towards every challenge they meet.

Each session contains video downloads, printouts, discussion points and activities designed to take just 15 minutes at the start of every day. Your child will be amazed at how quickly and efficiently they learn fascinating brain science as well as taking control of their positive mindset.

The topics of the full course are outlined below:

Session Topic Covered
1 Neuroplasticity and positive thinking
2 Exploring the regions of the brain
3 Feelings and thoughts of the primitive emotional mind
4 Negative thinking
5 How our brains distort reality
6 Perfectionism
7 Focus
8 The stories we tell ourselves
9 Taking the blame
10 Treat yourself with kindness
11 The hippocampus
12 Ridding bad habits
13 Introducing good habits
14 The hypothalamus and oxytocin
15 The importance of serotonin
16 Targets and intellectual thinking
17 What makes a good target
18 The power of sleep
19 Improving sleep to maximise positive thinking
20 The new, powerful you

For any 11 – 15 year old suffering from stress of anxiety, in just 15 minutes a day YOU can change it all!

Pack !
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PDF A Positive Start lesson 7

Video Focus

Price: £16.00


This course is currently being updated with lessons added all the time. The first seven lessons are now downloadable with more continuously uploaded to ensure you have ‘one a day’ for the full 20-day length of your course. Take advantage of this early bird offer and get 40% off the total course price.

This means you get the whole course for £9.60

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Cut-out Games for Rainy Days

Building confidence and cooperation for ages 6 + and the entire family

Cut Out Games by Paul Milham

Remember the days when we could create hours of fun from a couple of sheets of paper, a pen and a pair of scissors? We had no shortage of ideas for games and activities that outlasted all of the sedentary hours currently engaged in playing modern video games.

‘Cut-out games for rainy days’ resurrects all the pre-technology, creative and straightforward games that provided endless entertainment on those days stuck indoors.

From ‘Treasure hunts’ to ‘Hunt the frog,’ the games in this pack vary from active to calm, creative to logical and rapid-fire to focused, keeping children and families entertained for hours with minimal set-up required. Reignite the fun of these simple, cooperative activities that promote well-being and have heaps of re-playability.

These are the games ready for cutting out in this book :

  • Treasure hunt
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Scramble
  • River crossing
  • Power cards
  • Crazy stories
  • Line up
  • Rules of the dice
  • Charades extreme
  • Chinese whispers
  • Design your own board game
  • Hunt the frog
  • Construction
  • Collect the mice, avoid the lions
  • Infection
  • Dodge the dragon
  • Hit the wall
  • Design your own snakes and ladders
  • Categories
  • Foot blast
  • Scavenger hunt 2
  • Snakes
  • Missing object
  • Label the room
  • Build a Wordsearch
  • Treasure hunt 2
  • Matching pairs
  • Mole hill
  • Letter steps
  • Letters and numbers
  • Islands of hands and feet
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PDF Cut-out Games for Rainy Days FREE sample

Price £10.00
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