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An online alternative therapy to hypnotherapy

Solution-focused therapy can be so beneficial in supporting young people in turning around negative thoughts. It can focus their minds on the positives to find solutions where there were problems.

In my clinic, I help lots of young people improve their mindset. I have found that solution-focused hypnotherapy suits this age group for several reasons:

  • It is very positive. We don’t talk about problems; we will talk about ways to improve things. This positive focus is a breath of fresh air for young people if they feel they have the weight of the world on their shoulders.
  • The young person is the expert of themselves. Quite often, the source of a young person’s anxiety can be a feeling of a lack of control. They are, in my therapy, in control of the conversations we have. I use solution-focused questioning to help reframe any negative thought patterns into more positive ones.
  • It is imaginative. One of the reasons I often get quick results with young people is that the ability to find solutions requires imagination and a determination to try out new things. These are both characteristics typically display by young people by default. This is a therapy that truly takes advantage of the skillset of young people.


How it works

In the first instance, I would meet the young person with a parent online for an initial consultation, a free session in which we would look at your child’s goals in more detail. I would explain how the brain works concerning the problems that they are experiencing. I would also discuss how hypnotherapy can help, as well as allowing you and your child to get to know myself and the treatment a little better. I don’t hard sell any further sessions – this is neither the style or spirit of hypnotherapy. See it is as a chance for you to explore your options.

If you and your child are happy, we will book in a slot for our first session. I will give your child a copy of my relaxation CD, which helps them hardwire the changes throughout the week.

Each session is 40 minutes. I do not do any hypnotherapy with teenagers over Zoom. In each session, we will be reflecting on the positive achievements of the week. We will explore the targets the teenager wants to focus on, and find ways to hit those goals while improving their confidence.


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