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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Paul Milham specialises in Stop smoking hypnotherapy and has seen hundreds of clients looking for smoking cessation services over his years of practice. His successes are piling up and most clients come now through recommendations suggesting his success rates are strong. He now teaches stop smoking hypnosis to students on the CPHT hypnotherapy training course in London… He is very passionate about stopping smoking and the results of his two-hour sessions have gained many positive reviews. Click here to contact Paul and find out more.

We believe that you have come here because this is the last time you want to think about stopping smoking ever again…. Because it ends here!

We believe that you smoke because of the subconscious stories YOU have told yourself as to why you must smoke.  These are just hard-wired narratives; they are fiction – we can create new stories.

If you have decided that you are ready to stop,  that you are done with it, then hypnosis techniques can power you through.

Radio Interview with a client

Many people begin smoking when they are young and rebellious without fully comprehending the level of destruction this habit can bring down upon them. Often smokers try their first cigarette to emulate the behaviours of role models such as parents or friends. For many, ‘smoke’ has been in their lives for so long they have little memory of life without it.

But living smoke-free is fantastic. The sense of freedom you achieve is amazing. You can obtain better health, more energy and there are the things that you will learn about yourself that you never even knew you knew.

Having seen countless stop-smoking clients, Paul developed his philosophy about how best to support someone in ditching their habit. Although many say it feels like a magical process, Paul uses a lot of science in his stop-smoking hypnotherapy sessions. He explains the neurology of how the brain works, why the habit feels so addictive and how we can use hypnosis and suggestibility to override the negative habit-forming and hard-wiring of the brain. He believes that clients need to understand the process involved and why it works to succeed. These methods empower clients to take back control on a deep neurological level.

Paul has designed the two-hour session using these philosophies while making the service as flexible as possible to give you the options as to how you want to stop smoking:

In clinic / Online

Some people like the formality of the clinic and the sense of purpose it connotes. Our clinics are located in established and respected multi-therapy centres or wellbeing locations, ensuring a polished, proficient and professional face-to-face service.

2 hour Session Cost: £175 

Why Stop Smoking

People tend to smoke because of the belief systems (or narratives) that they have built up around the habit over time; that it helps calm

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Want to find out how quickly your body recovers from the damage caused by smoking.