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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Stop smoking hypnotherapy is one of the areas of work that I feel the most passionate about. The impact of smoking can have such a detrimental effect upon your physical and mental wellbeing that, when you finally release yourself from its grip, the sense of freedom, happiness and achievement is incredible. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than helping people achieve this goal.

I believe that many of the stop smoking methods on the market do not tackle the actual problem. Hypnotherapy aims to deal with the fact that your brain has learnt to associate smoking with ‘pleasure.’ I look to break this behavioural association so that you will never want to smoke again. Releasing you from this habit should be a pleasure driven by high intent which is empowering, rather than willpower, which we often associate with pain. 

If you have smoked for a long time, you have hard-wired the habit in the subconscious. This is why hypnotherapy can help, because it is a process that can rewrite behaviour templates at a much deeper level. ,

I believe that when the mind is focused, intent is high and determination is strong, you can stop smoking without fear, anxiety or craving…. Because it ends here!

I believe that you smoke because of the subconscious stories YOU have told yourself as to why you must smoke.  These are just hard-wired narratives; they are fiction… We can create new stories.

If you have decided that you are ready to stop,  that you are done with it, then hypnosis techniques can power you through.

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About the session

My stop smoking session is two hours long with the aim that you walk in a ‘smoker’ and you walk out a ‘non-smoker’. It is a one-off session in which I aim to create a major shift in mindset and behaviour. Hypnotherapy increases your desire to stop smoking and reduces the pleasure that you find in the habit, swinging the odds of success in your favour.

In the session I will spend the 60 minutes getting to know you and your smoking habit. I will explore the triggers and associations that you have built up and these will help me to construct the subsequent hypnosis. I will explain the science behind why we smoke, why it is so difficult to stop and how hypnosis works to reverse the habit.

Hypnosis will last about 30 minutes and will help to hard-wire new positive behaviours at a subconscious level.   

At the end of the hypnosis you are ready to begin your smoke-free future. I will explain the positive impact this will have and the milestones your body will reach while reversing the negative physical effects of smoking. The human body is amazing and the benefits begin within hours.


Session price (Crawley clinic): £175

Session price (Bexley / Central London): £200

Session price (online): £175 (please fill out the contact form for more detail)

In clinic / Online

Some people like the formality of the clinic and the sense of purpose it connotes. Our clinics are located in established and respected multi-therapy centres or wellbeing locations, ensuring a polished, proficient and professional face-to-face service.

Why Stop Smoking

People tend to smoke because of the belief systems (or narratives) that they have built up around the habit over time; that it helps calm

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Want to find out how quickly your body recovers from the damage caused by smoking.

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