Test and Exam Anxiety

Test and Exam Anxiety

The build-up to an exam or test can be a stressful time. Many people become overwhelmed by the months of preparation being judged in a few hours. Some clients find that stress can profoundly impact their lives, resulting in poor sleep or eating habits, headaches and tenseness, or difficulty motivating yourself to study. Other clients are overcome with performance nerves affecting their ability to perform on the day. Whatever the focus of your anxiety, hypnotherapy provides a calm, serene and methodical solution to process information, recall information and mentally prepare for that critical day


"Paul is fantastic. He firstly explained the psychology behind hypnotherapy. After the initial session, I was convinced he could help. In his own time he researched my profession and this knowledge was bought into our sessions, very much helping with my journey. He was practical and flexible with timings of appointments to suit my needs, even up to the day of the appointment. I passed my exam! I couldn't recommend him or his service enough."

Initial consultation: Free

Session Rate: £70 per hour (with a 10% discount on a purchase of a block of 5 sessions)

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