Weight Management

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

In 2014 the World Health Organisation reported that 28% of adults in the United Kingdom were recognised as clinically obese and the number is increasing with ferocity. But it is not as easy as saying ‘stop eating chocolate.’ Unlike other addictions, such as smoking, food addiction is made complex because of our bodies’ requirement to eat to live. Trying to train the mind to separate what it ‘needs’ from what it ‘wants’ takes a lot of retraining.

For long-term success, we look to change mindsets. Dieting only encourages our brains to enter a primitive ‘famine’ mindset which causes us to obsess with food and crave fast energy release foods such as sugars and carbohydrates. Instead, we look to help clients create long-term and sustainable healthy life changes that create happiness. When we enjoy the changes we make, it is easier to hardwire long-lasting success.

“I was overweight and battling an addiction to sugar and a bad sleep pattern. I did not like the way I looked and felt about myself. Through hypnosis I felt better in so many ways both on the inside and the outside .The weight has stayed off and I’m much happier. I am back on the dating market and sleeping like a baby at night. I am very satisfied with my hypnosis in so many ways. I would recommend Paul and thank him for all he has done for me.”


Generally, I look to take you through three steps. The first thing to do is reduce stress and increase positivity as it is hard to maintain any weight loss initiative when our minds are not ‘in the zone.’ We would then focus on reducing bad eating habits and maintaining a healthy, active, balanced lifestyle. Finally, we would fine-tune any areas in life where negative patterns are creeping in. This is achieved using hypnosis, a powerful therapeutic tool where the messages can ‘go in a little deeper.’

People have reported feeling an aversion or a change in desire for the problematic foods. However, weight loss hypnotherapy’s primary focus is moving toward the food and lifestyle you want, not obsessing about the foods you want to cut out.

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