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About Paul Milham

Paul Milham

(BA Hons, HPD, DSFH)

As an experienced Solution-focused Hypnotherapist, Paul is passionate about the transformative power of the focused human mind. He bases his methods upon cutting-edge science and uses this to help clients create positive change, momentum and confidence. His clinics are based in London, Crawley and online.

Along with thousands of hours of experience working one-to-one, he also lectures in London-based hypnotherapy training schools and offers stress management presentations and coaching to corporate clients.

What We Do?

About Hypnotherapy

Solution-focused hypnotherapy is one of the few therapies that focus solely on the present and the future and not on the past. In order to solve problems, we don’t need to spend too much time analysing why they occurred; we need to look towards a future without them. Solution Focused hypnotherapy focuses on positives which often makes the therapeutic experience much less daunting for a client.

Why choose this route?

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Paul Milham specialises in Stop smoking hypnotherapy

Want to find out how quickly your body recovers from the damage caused by smoking.

Accreditations and Awards

As part of our professional standards, all hypnotherapists working with Paul Milham Hypnotherapy are registered with recognised professional bodies.


Do not worry. The hypnosis techniques that you see on TV or in entertainment are called somnambulism and are not a feature of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. Trance is very different… Think of it like a deep daydream and, as with daydreaming, you still retain control. You could not be made to do something that you wouldn’t want to do so I couldn’t make you walk like a chicken, for example! (unless that is the outcome you wanted from the sessions… I haven’t come across that one yet!)

Again, this is not a feature of hypnotherapy. You are quite in control and apart from feeling so relaxed that you may snooze through part of it, you are not in any danger of not waking up or doing irreversible damage.

People will experience it differently. Some will find it deeply, physically relaxing, some will find it a creative and dreamy experience, some will feel quite ‘conscious’ during the session whilst some may slip into a state of light sleep. There is no right or wrong but most agree that it is one of the most deeply relaxing experiences imaginable.

It depends from case to case but most people start feeling benefits immediately. Some people even notice positive change in areas of their life that they weren’t even expecting.

Yes. All data collected from clients is dealt with in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Furthermore, one of the main features of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is that we try not to discuss aspects of your life that put you in a negative place in order to create the optimum amount of change. You don’t need to worry about the therapy being awkward or delving into personal issues you would rather not discuss.

This depends on the individual but as a broad rule, ‘Stop Smoking’ is one session, ‘Fears and Phobias’ is four and all other conditions, generally, from eight to twelve sessions. This will all be explored in your initial consultation.

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